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Welcome to one of the friendliest CrossDresser, Trangerder, Transvestite and their Admirers Social Network. To maintain its friendly, loving and caring theme, please follow our rules. The following actions will get you banned!

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We allow search engines to spider this site and therefore do not publish anything you wish to remain private, including but not limited to photos, videos and blogs. We may delete your profile without giving a reason. It is our intention to make the friendlies social network site around. This site records your IP so as to identify yours login session and will not be visible to any third party. By joining you confirm you are over 18 and have read and fully understood our terms and privacy statement found at the bottom of this page. You and you alone are responsible for the content of your posts and photos.

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No below waist nudity is permitted! Anyone found posting nude photos will be banned permenantly.

If you come across any nude photos please report them using the "Report" links found on posts and profiles.

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