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Nikki Wild
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Sep 28th 2013, 4:02 am
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About me
I am a lifelong Cross Dresser who began @10 yrs. old. I'm Gay and PROUD to be Gay. I am looking forward to meeting others and sharing whatever. Hope to share allot of my pictures and stories. Best; Nikki:)
Come from
United States
Aug 11th 2013, 12:05 pm Username
nikkiwild: Uploaded image (5)
Sep 28th 2013, 3:58 am Report
malcanna: @nikkiwild would love to kiss lick n ** and ride u huni email me
Nov 3rd 2013, 4:38 pm Report
nikkiwild: So I went to bed with my former lover/partner and it was as fantastic as ever. He wants me back, what do I do?
Sep 28th 2013, 3:46 am Report
nikkiwild: became a friend of mandes33
Aug 17th 2013, 11:05 am Report
nikkiwild: I so wish I wasn't sooooooo far away from all of you. I didn't think this one through since I am in the U.S.A........
Aug 15th 2013, 10:53 pm Report
nikkiwild: became a friend of malcanna
Aug 15th 2013, 10:51 pm Report
nikkiwild: became a friend of pinknails
Aug 15th 2013, 10:51 pm Report
nikkiwild: Does anyone else ever come on here to this site? OMG I seem to be the only one each time I visit here. Simply wanting to meet friends....
Aug 12th 2013, 9:54 pm Report
nikkiwild: Uploaded image (2)
Aug 11th 2013, 12:17 pm Report
nikkiwild: Hi all, I'm Nikki Wild. New here and hope to start talking to other member's real soon. I'm a lifelong Cross Dresser, love it!
Aug 11th 2013, 12:10 pm Report
nikkiwild: Signed Up
Aug 11th 2013, 12:05 pm Report
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